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SaPa, N.Viet Nam

Written on: Sunday October 21st, 2007

A journal entry from: South-East Asia, 2007

We travelled from Hanoi on an overnight sleeper train to the N.Viet Nam city of LaoCai, and from there by mini-bus up, up, up to the exotic, misty mountain town of SaPa.  The town is high on the mountain with the lush, green terraced hillsides below.  Here the beautiful ethnic minority people farm their rice paddies, corn, sweet potato, indigo (used to dye their clothes) and other crops and raise water buffalo, pigs, ducks and chickens.  There are five main indigenous peoples in this area, the primary ones being the H'mong and the Dao.  We trekked down into the valley bottom to several of their villages led by our beautiful, young H'mong guide, and at night returned to our excellent hotel high on the mountain-side. 

The town markets were bustling and full of colourful indigenous clothing, crafts, and fruits & vegetables.  It was a truly amazing experience.


From Renee & John on Oct 21st, 2007

The pics are AMAZING! We like the blue bag Ben! We are green with envy and so glad you guys are having such a wonderful experience!! Thanks so much for including us along the way!! We look forward to the next entry. Love ya, Renee & John

From Ronnie on Oct 22nd, 2007

Your trip sounds fabulous! We really like the pictures. It's great to do a wee bit of travelling with you.

From Gail on Oct 23rd, 2007

Sounds wonderful, looks great.So glad you are traveling and sharing this wonderful adventure. Enjoy ,love Gail

From Jason on Oct 24th, 2007

Hi Guys, looks like you're really enjoying yourselves. I have been looking at and reading about your trip. Looks like a blast! Hope to celebrate the new year with you. Love, Jason(Carma's Brother?)

From marianne on Oct 25th, 2007

fabulous photos, what an awesome adventure, thanks for sharing the journey with the fabulous photos, sending love and gratitude

From Lilian on Jan 21st, 2016

Ho ho, who woldua thunk it, right?