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Hanoi, Viet Nam

Written on: Wednesday October 17th, 2007

A journal entry from: South-East Asia, 2007

What a crazy, buzzing, chaotic city!!!  Thousands of scooters & bikes honking and zipping down every street and lane, and every time you cross the street you take your life in your hands.  But its Fun!!!  Our $12/night hotel is luxurious, the people are extremely helpful and friendly, the food is great & inexpensive, and the weather is perfect.  There is so much to do in and around Hanoi -we have walked and explored all around the Old Quarter, we saw the world famous Water Puppet Theatre, and took in some museums.  Tonight we leave for the hill-town of SaPa for 3 days, so will update you then. 



From Michael and Donna on Oct 20th, 2007

Hey you two. Looks like you are doing well! We enjoyed the pic with the woman in China Deb. You are both the same height. We see you both are getting sun on your skin. It is sooooo wonderful to be able to follow you like this. Thanks for taking the time to keep all of us in the loop. Have fun! We love you.