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Nanning, China

Written on: Monday October 15th, 2007

A journal entry from: South-East Asia, 2007

After riding overnight on a sleeper BUS (yes that's right, a bus with bunks) from Hong Kong we arrived in Nanning, China -a city 4hrs from the Viet Nam border.  Unfortunately, perhaps, we only spent one full day in China, but we felt compelled to get to Viet Nam, and the language barrier is greater here than almost anywhere Debbie or I have ever experienced.  There are very few signs or maps we can read, and very few people speak very little English.  All the same, we're glad that we had the opportunity to spend even this one day here.  I had read that this was a dull, ugly, industrial city, but we found it very green with wide streets and landscaped boulevards and quite pleasant.  The people seemed to be "suspiciously curious" for the most part, -tried to be as helpful as they could, and not at all bothersome.  The city is very clean (compared to Hanoi where we are now -but that's another blog), and we had a large hotel room with private bathroom (squatter) overlooking the city, right beside the bus station, for about $6.

So, the next morning (the 16th) we caught the 8am bus to Hanoi.  Leaving the city on the wide, landscaped freeway with almost no cars (mostly just busses & trucks), we felt that in another time, maybe with quides and more organization, we would like to visit China again and spend more time.