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Hong Kong, China

Written on: Sunday October 14th, 2007

A journal entry from: South-East Asia, 2007

 We survived the 13:45 min. flight and arrived safely in Hong Kong on Thurs.evening.  Proceeded without difficulty through customs, bus into Kowloon, check-in at hotel (very small 6'x8' room & shared bathroom, but clean & OK).

Hong Kong is a bustling, modern, 24hour wealthy city with lots to see and do (& spend money on).  We have walked miles and explored many interesting sights and places, and are now waiting to catch an overnight bus into Mainland China to a city near the Viet Nam border.  We're sorry that we couldn't do this by day to see the countryside, but we really want to get to Viet Nam and other countries.

We're loving it,

Debbie & Ben


From Renee & John on Oct 14th, 2007

Looks exciting, glad you made it safely! We look forward to the next entry! Renee & John

From Michael and Donna on Oct 14th, 2007

Good to hear you got to Hong Kong and are having fun. The pictures are great. Looking for a pic of Deb. Guess we'll see you Deb in another set of pics. TTFN

From Gail on Oct 16th, 2007

sorry I missed saying bye and so glad all is going well-how exciting!! Look forward to hearing more. Love ya

From Marilyn on Oct 17th, 2007

Hi there, ENJOY ENJOY ENJOY We'll be following your adventures... xoxo Marilyn & Greg

From corby on Oct 17th, 2007

sweet photos Im sooooo jelouse.