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Preparing the Blog, and eagerly anticipating - - -

Written on: Saturday September 15th, 2007

A journal entry from: South-East Asia, 2007

Well, at this stage, we're eagerly preparing, anticipating, agonizing, wondering!!!  We have much to do to prepare our home for the Canadian winter before leaving on our long-awaited SE Asia adventure.  We have our job-replacements arranged, return flights booked, travel and medical insurance, travel-shots, some traveller's cheques and foreign currency, China visas, VietNam visas applied for, travel guitar, packs and gear coming together - - - loose ends!??!? 

We're finishing getting in our winter fire-wood for when we return, finishing and winterizing a new pumphouse with water-filtration, cleaning and repairing chimneys, needing to drain and winterize hot-tubs at Ryan's and our house, get snow-tires on the vehicles -on and on - - . 

But the adventure awaits.  Where will we go first?  How will we get there?  What wonderful people will we meet and what will we share with them?  And how will we hold up?

Hoping we can keep you posted as we proceed,

Watch for new entries -we can't wait - - - -


From John & Renée on Sep 22nd, 2007

We are very excited for you!! Looking forward to seeing you off at the Kelowna airport.

From Marilyn on Sep 23rd, 2007

It's with such emotion that I read your first entry... this was Greg and I exactly a year ago. Sigh...you are off on such a wonderful adventure. You will easily learn to expect the unexpected and accept all that unfolds.

From marianne on Oct 2nd, 2007

I can blog, did I COMMENT?

From Donna & Michael on Oct 2nd, 2007

Hey Deb and Ben. We are so excited for you!! We also want to travel these wonderful countries vicariously through you two. We send our love on your journey.

From Carl and Kate on Oct 2nd, 2007

What a trip you have coming up. We can't wait to follow you around so keep the notes coming. See you again in the New Year!

From jcrow on Oct 3rd, 2007

Yo Amigos, Have a great adventure. Look forward to your updates. love M&J

From Dorothy and Amanda on Oct 6th, 2007

It's going to be great "following" you on your trip. We enjoyed and learned so much "following" Marilyn and Greg. We miss you aleady. Take care and enjoy!