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Rain Rain Rain and Geysers

Written on: Tuesday August 2nd, 2011

Rain rain rain.

Isn't it beautiful when it rains. All morning I was singingto myself that it was. Acceptance: powerful antidote to grumpiness. My handswere altogether wet, cold and my feet were soaked, (temporary sensations thathave since passed, just like I kept singing to myself that they would). Aperson can't be comfortable all the time. And ought not be. I got to practicefeeling alright about it.

Last night we splurged and stayed in a bona fide hotel roomin Pinedale, WY. We skirted storms through N. CO and S. WY, actually passingexactly in between two big walls of water as we got off the interstate to makefor Pinedale. Sprinkles had commenced when we came into town. Mostly the ridethat day was hot and dry and flat. Until it wasn't.

Today it really wasn't hot or dry. We accidentally went toYellowstone, where paying $20 (each!)to ride through cloudy rain andgluttonously bad tourist traffic put a kink of grump in my previously elevatedattitude. We did not see Buffalo. Nor Moose. Not even the Tetons, as they wereentirely obscured by thick cloud cover. We did stop by Old Faithful (its notevery day that Old Faithful is on my way some place). We watched hot watersquirt enthusiastically from the ground and ate and expensive sandwich, while Igot increasingly irritated with all the people clip clopping around in highheeled city shoes and talking a bunch of nonsense (and so it became clear that theafternoon grumps had me socked in, not unlike the rain clouds).

When we finally made it out and away from Yellowstone, werode 191 along a gorgeous canyon with shallow rushing river, green grass,stunning rock formations, and lots of folks fly fishing. And we saw some blueskies. Riding along that river, the Snake River, I believe, smoothed out thegrumpy kinks, replacing them with shining, moving, glad kinks.

We came into Bozeman just inches ahead of the storm. Stayingwith a couchsurfing.com connection. A marvelous host and excellentconversationalist Sally who has me all inspired to do more hiking. Weapproached her place just as the gusts at the front of a huge dark wall of rainstorm got serious.

Sally took us in her fully enclosed automobile (wow!) to theAle House where I had half a pint of beer, exceptionally delicious French fries,and dad had a nice bison burger. Again, we were living it up.

This has been such a wonderful adventure with my dad. I feelreal lucky in so many ways. Moments pass quick. These ones have been especiallygood.


From rita\ma on Aug 2nd, 2011

well by-gully you folks look like you're having a finetime!! sure do love you!! thanks a bunch for the words and pixs