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Day 1. Go.

Written on: Tuesday July 26th, 2011

Today is the first official day of my journey. And the riding was done by 9:30 am. I've spent most of the rest of the day writing blog entries to get up to date. I've been wanting to write and share my experiences and reflections with those who are interested, ('cause not everybody wants to listen to me talk about my motorcycle until I've said all I have to say about it). The busy-ness of preparing to be away for 2 months, and getting the bike in order, and visiting with friends and cleaning the house and earning some money has required quite a lot of energy and I have not found an excess to begin to record my story here. So luckily I rode a mere 120 miles today and have spent most of it writing and setting up this here blog. And now that I am actively doing it again, I will be more mindful about taking photos to accompany the words.

Yesterday the 2nd new windshield from Parabellum arrived, just in time. The first I cracked when I tightened its bolts too much. The fine folks at Parabellum sent me a new one and I only had to pay the postage.  My pal Paseo hung out with me and helped me brainstorm a clever way to fix my totally busted cheap brittle black cowling. Twine and zip ties. Made it to Phoenix, so far, so good.

I'm so glad that the planning for the trip time has past and now the trip has indeed begun. I was feeling a little sheepish about so little miles covered in a day. But it's July in Southern Arizona. I'm no wus. I'm a smart girl. Tomorrow to Durango- 450 miles and a varied landscape, mostly highways, not interstates. I hope my stamina manifests.

My dad plans to leave his home in KY tonight at midnight. He will cover twice the distance in less than half the time. It was his suggestion that we both ride two up and photograph our passengers in the places that we go. I believe he has a small gnome. I have an old friend. She helps me make important decisions.


From Cristin Bryan on Jul 26th, 2011

How exciting for you, Becky! I road tripped solo to South Dakota and Wyoming last year, and the blogging was a nice way to end the day in reflection. Happy trails!

From rita on Jul 26th, 2011

woohooo Monster!! love honeybunny. you look fabtablous.