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From Blur to Beauty

Written on: Saturday July 23rd, 2011

I took a ride up to Mt. Lemmon, 40 miles outside of Tucson, and like 40 degrees cooler! Not really, but I was actually cold. What a strage and unfamiliar feeling after all these months of Arizona summer.

I pulled off somewhere along the mountain road and enjoyed an experience known only, perhaps, to female motorcyclists. When you break after riding for a while to pee behind some bushes, and you're there squatting in the woods you had been passing by so quickly, all of the sudden the details of the little plants and bugs and bark and leaves on the ground in front of you are so very vivid.  The brain is highly activated, so you don't overlook so much as you might had you just been strolling in the woods. And your face is really close to the ground, where the layers and activity is more dense than if you were just staring at a tree, as perhaps may be the experience of a male bodied motorcycle rider peeing in the woods. On second thought, the tree is probably just as interesting. I don't know, fellas you tell me.

In any case, it sure is fantastic to take my helmet head (highly alert, relaxed, ready for whatever may come) out side of my helmet and look around.

On this occasion I noticed these lovely beetles making whoopee.