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Scattered in my Favor -and- Destination!!

Written on: Wednesday May 27th, 2009

A journal entry from: There She Goes Again!

Wrote a full entry morning after my arrival, and it was all deleted, here it is again.

And Santa Fe here I am.

Well actually I have been staying on a piece of land 80 miles North of Santa Fe. Near the defunct town of Tres Piedras. Which is interesting because as I was coming South from CO on my last day of riding- a long one at 450 or so miles- I made the foolish assumption that any town on the map, specifically Tres Piedras, would have gas. Not so. I rode 70 miles through a whole bunch of nothing before I got to the best gas station ever- see picture. I didn't really know how much go I had in my tank cause fighting the altitude eats up my fuel like crazy. Those 70 miles were quite suspenseful. I was calm about the real potential of running out of gas- and way curious to see what would happen.

Not only did I fill up with 4.7 gallons of gas (I think my tank holds just about 5 total) I also met a man and woman riding on Victory motorbikes who new all about the altitude sickness plaguing my sweet little LS. All those oxygen molecules all spread out up here means that I'm just not able to get enough air to combust all the fuel. He discussed with me several potential fixers, some more permanent than others. #1 there is re-jetting- which I don't really understand- and would not serve me so well back at sea levels. #2 is get a new fancy air filter that will let in more air. Now that I can handle. Will do. Hopefully it will help. A lot. Fingers crossed.


But Ah-ha! I just spoke to a very friendly parts guy at the BMW dealership here in Santa Fe, who recommends first trying a hotter spark plug, which would help me burn up all that fuel that is essentially flooding the engine. This a cheaper solution than the fancy K and N air filter, running about $80. Not only that, but the honest fellow told me that I can get plugs from the yamaha dealership next door for a mere $3.95 a pop, as opposed to $12.95 at the Beemer spot. So I am potentially looking at an $8 fix!!!! yes!!! 

Scattered in my favor.
On that last day of riding I began the day with anxiety, moved into grumpiness, on into doing alright, graduating into joy and elation. Dressed for rain- and plenty of it. Turns out I was merely sprinkled upon all day while I rode past, in between, and up along side cells of grey dumping rain, thunder and lightening. Scattered in my favor indeed.

I had been feeling so bummed about my lack of power, until I got some perspective. Little Sweetie, my LS, is trying the best she can, chag-a-chug-a, up those big mountains. I think-I-can I-think-I-can. And it's hard, but she does it. Not with as much speed as I would like, and with somewhat less grace than I would like. Just like me. When I'm chugging up some hard-to-do mountain side. But she does it. Some times in 2nd gear and with the throttle wide open. But she does it. Me too.

An '82 model, LS is pretty old. An '82 model myself, I am pretty young. Been riding only 9 months. LS rode her best when I was less than a twinkle in my daddy's eye. I won't ride my best for a long time. While LS gets more duct tape on her and has a harder time climbing mountains, I get smarter and wiser and more skilled. Some day I will have a K bike and zig-zag up and down the Rockies. For right now, my LS does just fine. 2140 miles in just a few days. That ain't bad. And this time around it just cost me a new rear tire and $135.42 in fuel.

And now I am here. And finding what here is for me. Finding my feet and how to walk a path here. Glad for the good learning from a good ride. Got more to do. Oh yes. Oh yes.


From mom on May 27th, 2009

Yelp, that's my Becky. Sure do love you, you and your badass bow tie. Ride on!