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What a Day- belated posting

Written on: Friday May 22nd, 2009

A journal entry from: There She Goes Again!

I am writing in the early morning from the lovely balcony of Susana and Brooks' apartment in a big broad house near downtown Salt Lake City. I am looking at the tops of mountains, more mountains, and sipping good hot coffee. They are gone to work already- doctors at the hospital- or nearly doctors. Susana finishes her residency in 6 weeks.

I want to be brief cause the day is just beginning and I want to use most of it for riding. Not sure yet how I will go to Grand Junction. But I know it will take a little time any way I cut it.

Yesterday was amazing. Entirely amazing. Arrived at Old Faithful just moments before eruption- ain't that a wonder. Had close encounters with bison, a black bear, a moose, and a whole lot of cows running my way lead by a man on a horse with a big 'ole hat on. Big animals seem much bigger and more spectacular from a motorcycle than through a window of a car, you can bet.  None of my encounters were dangerously close, thank goodness- but all close enough to take a bit of my breath. Mooses are the prettiest color of brown. Black bears are so freakin cute. Bison and crazy amazing animals. The first one I saw was obeying traffic laws in Yellowstone. Was lumbering down a little 2-lane forested section of road just past the West entrance where we came in. Not only was it traveling in the appropriate direction on the road, but because it was slower traffic, it kept right. Reeb was in the lead and slowed down a bunch. I was afraid she might stop. I don't want to stop right next to an animal that big. What if it doesn't like the sound of my throttle or squeaking breaks?! We just rolled past, pretty slow. Totally amazing.

I had no idea that Wyoming was fairy-tale stunning amazing. Grand Tetons oh wowee. Idaho was also great. The way the rivers run through canyons here- flush with the land, and all S curves, narrow and fast. Just amazing. So stoked to ride through Utah today. I guess the difference in interstate and state hyws is about 8 hours. Slab day for me. If the interstates here are anything like those in MT, then great. No body on it- through all kinds of gorgeousness. I think its gonna be great.

Yesterday was the most wonderful day of riding yet. My favorite kind of road to ride for many miles. Through shockingly gorgeous landscapes, varied roads- but not too challenging, and almost never anyone in front or behind me. Space. Beauty. Mmmm

I was sad to part ways with Reeb, but stoked to get out on my own. In a way I feel like the trip began again yesterday. I ride real different when I am alone. And I prefer it. It's awesome to take a trip with a good friend, and Reeb is nearly the best one, mostly cause the stops are fun. But a motorcycle trip ain't about the stops. Its about the ride. And my ride is better when I am alone. And oh boy heck I make way better time too.

Except when my bike starts losing power. It's doing it again. On long uphills especially. Dad hypothesizes altitude. On the last trip when this was a problem, I started butting in premium gas- and never had trouble again. Don't know if the premium out here is a little less premium (everything is 91), or if something else is happening. But I don't like it. Drains a little joy out of the ride. But heck, I got here. Sometimes wound up in 3rd  gear to make it up some mountainous hills. I hope it straightens out.

Off to meet the day now. Only this one and the next one, then Santa Fe.Hooray!!