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A lovely little ride only mostly across the state

Written on: Monday May 18th, 2009

A journal entry from: There She Goes Again!

Beautiful beginning. Bellingham to Waterville. Sitting now in the green green grassy yard of the Willms farm with Reeb's parents, dog Scooter and Reeb intermittently juggling my striped clubs and packing for the road tomorrow. Just about a 250 mile day today. In my head that is short. It didn't feel all that short. And it was wonderful.

Big swooping curves here in Eastern Washington. Marked 50mph. One after the other. Swoop swoop swoop. In the big hilly dry riverside of hwy 20.

Came over Washington pass. Where there was an avalanche!!!! Really. Right there piled all the way on top of my lane and half of the left lane. Snow. A lot of snow. I mean a little mountain of it. It fell before I arrived, couldn't help but imagine the timing being a little different. Add that to the list of things out of my control that could suddenly happen and cause no small inconvenience to a motorcyclist. Suddenly buried under 200 tons of snow come 'a fallin down the mountain side. Timing being what it was, I slowed as I approached the already fallen snow, checked to see there was no on-coming traffic, and made my way around it. Just down on the next switchback, reeb and I stopped for some bleu cheese walnut scones I made with our friend Dream and some very delicious Land Jaeger sausage that I rode down to Edison to get special for our trip day before yesterday. We were visited by a frolicsome gray jay, who enjoyed the same lunch as we.

I am happy to be riding again. The sensation of coming up over a hill or around a curve and seeing a beautiful scene, the thunderous thud of the beauty of it colliding with my body. Entirely singular.  Never felt it any other way any other time.

And this shit is hard. Weather, heat, snowy mountain sides, rain, wind, rough roads, gravel, motorists, deer, sun in my eyes, too dark to see, flashing sun and shadow strobe lights, negotiating uncertain curves? it's just hard. And I love it. And I love the challenge. I am grateful for the opportunity. Aware of the privilege enables me to experience this singular experience.

We are still not sure of our route. We will find our way. Hoping for more awesome weather. I am so so excited to ride with Reeb, one of my most dear friends. Adventure here we come!!!

 As always I am grateful for the support of all y'all who send flying thoughts and winged well-wishes my way. I packed all that with me and use it every mile. Thank you. 


From anneka on May 19th, 2009

so glad you had beautiful weather. when i got on my bicycle this afternoon the rain started a-pouring down! big rain! may the easy sweet weather stay with you.

From Dad on May 19th, 2009

Wish I could have shared this day with you, and tomorrow too! So proud of you, and your skills in motorcycling, that I may have had a bit to do with. Use them all, and live with joy in the moment. Love, Dad