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Beginning again.

Written on: Sunday May 17th, 2009

A journal entry from: There She Goes Again!

The preparations have been prepared. The decisions have been decided. At least some plans have been planned. And I am on my way again.

On Sunday I will begin a 6-week women's circus program in Santa Fe. I had decided not to ride my motorcycle there. About a week ago I started thinking about reasons why I should ride there, and now, late in the evening before the morning of my departure, I cannot remember why I ever thought I shouldn't ride. 

 Nothing I do in my life teaches me what riding does. At no other time am I so present, awake, alive. So aware of myself and my immediate experience. A spiritual practice that sharpens my senses, and opens me up to what is and what may be. The perfect thing for this time of shake-up in my life. 

 So I go on  motorbike. And my dear friend Reeb will travel the first few nights with me. Tomorrow we leave our house, me on the bike, her in her car, to her parent's place in eastern washington. There she will pick up her dad's bike and we will get movin. 

I hope to write more tomorrow afternoon- wanted to get this beginning in tonight. This will be a short trip, but my dad asked me to re-open this here story spot, I'll try to post pics and reflections from the road. 






From mom on May 18th, 2009

Don't you just love how 1500 miles is a short trip for these folks!? love you Becky. Angels are already camping along the way.

From Rich on May 18th, 2009

Beck, I'm your biggest fan next to your dad, my brother Mark. always thinking of you. Best wishs from Indiana

From Dad on May 18th, 2009

Remember rules 1 thru 4, 1-don't hit anything 2-don't let anything hit you 3-don't fall down 4-don't go faster than how far you can see down the road, and get stopped!(see rule 1) all my love Dad P.S. Now you get on motorbike and ride it!!! Ride that perfectly normal beast!! Find the perfect mile!