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WOW. ~Hafiz for Breakfast~

Written on: Tuesday October 28th, 2008


Where does the real poetry

Come from?


From the amourous sighs

In this moist dark when making love

With form or



Where does poetry live?


In the eye that says, "Woe wee,"

In the overpowering felt splendor

Every sane mind knows

When it realizes-- our life dance

Is only for a few magic



From the heart saying,



"I am so damn






As I move up along the coast, when I stop I am with friends and have less time for typing. Today, with wonderful Daniel in Arcata, we have Hafiz with breakfast.


12 day yesterday. I thought I was done with the real challenging stuff. Foolish me to think in 1000 miles I may not be pressed to my limits. When my heart should be pulled from my chest and smashed out against the sky, the sea, the mountains, the road, the precious seconds of magic. 

Details on the amazing stunning profound 1derful ride on the 1 to come when moments come available.


I can say now that I wept for the beauty of it.  


I can say now it would do us all well to get a copy of Hafiz, The Gift.