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Pie. PoeTree. Berkely. Bikes.

Written on: Sunday October 26th, 2008

There is a broken piece of VHS tape on the floor. I brought it in from the street here in Berkley. I brought it in because I thought it might be a piece of my saddle bag. And I am trying to put it back together. Actually, Brook is trying to put it back together. Brook is my amazing friend from Bellingham who is living here working on her masters in pre-school education. She is wonderful. And we are similar in many ways. Plucky. Spunky. Inspired. She is now trying to fit the piece VHS tape into the hole remaining in my saddle bag. She is connected to my Power of Hope Community, and the circus community in B-ham and she also gradutated from Fairhave College- her concentration is called Community Advocacy through the Expressive Arts. That means the same thing as my Fairhaven concentration called Social Artistry. Our work in the world is similar.

Last night we went together to the Climbing PoeTree show Hurricane Season, The Hidden Messages in Water. Amazing. I mean AMAZING. Y'all, you gotta check out their tour schedule, and if these women are coming any where near you, you must must must go see their show. Check out hurricaineseasontour.com. also climbingpoeTree.com. These women are the most amazing artists. Most amazing justice workers. They stir up inspiration like angels. They reach deep into us and pull out our guts that know that the world is sick, and that collectively we have the power to heal. They speak truth of the massive terror, suffering, desperation, urgency, sadness, racism, patriarchy, exploitation, violence. They speak truth of the beauty, hope, magic, inspiration, joy, possibility, strength, prayer, bravery. They are my gurus. Such teachers. Seeing this amazing powerful show further strengthened my determination to give everything I've got for movements for social justice- and strengthened my faith that my heart knows the way. That I will be called. That will feel, see the way. And I am praying. Praying that I will have the bravery to step up. To speak. To do as I am moved to do. Look at their work. Their website alone may move you to listen. To feel the tugs of you heartstrings. To answer the call to passionately pursue the best of our humanity. To stare fear in the face and move toward your dreams. And they may infect your dreams with empathy, awareness. With visions of justice. With dreams of transformation.    Beautiful that my path may connect with their tour here in Berkley. I am grateful. I am moved.
Today Brook took me to Lois Pie Queen diner here. Local Black-owned business. Been around for some long years. Lois's son Chris now runs the place, along with his daughter who's name I didn't catch. She is joyful and so friendly and wonderful. Brook and I enjoyed some diner-style coffee. And at one point Chris placed in front of us a slim slice of pie with a delicate dollop of whipcream. Just put it there. And also in front of the fella next to us. And later, a table of folks behind us. Just put it there. With two forks. And I was overjoyed. To be gifted pie. Sweet potato. There's really no comparison, we were told, with pumpkin. Spiced. Lovely sweet potato pie. I left feeling so joyful. The folks who work there were so enjoying themselves. The people eating there were so happy. Especially those of us who got gifted pie. Widely racially diverse group of folks in this small diner. Berkley is this way. Gentrified to a point. Yep. In part why I am here now, to be sure. I don't know so much about this city. Just a tiny bit about the diner. And that is that this place multiplied joy of all the folks who were there. A whole wall of photos of Chris with locally, regionally, and nationally famous folks. Great diner coffee. And incomparable sweet potato pie.

And we took a bike ride. I got to ride Brook's amazing fancy tour bike. So great. We rode to the Bay. We ate fish and chips. I got to ride my dear friend Kelly Peach's  fancy bike in Santa Cruz yesterday. Neat to just drop in in Santa Cruz and see my friend. She took me out to delicious brunch. We rode to the beach. I put my toes in the sand. I was a-saltified by the wet wonderful Pacific. Let me prove it- I am west. And damn do I ever love self-powered bikes. I am such a 2-wheeled lady. oh yes.

Wacky to be approaching the end of this trip. Thursday night I intend to be back in Bellingham. As my dad says- I kinda wish the country was a little bigger. Only 950 miles to go, or so. Far too little. Dad says all motorcycle trips must come to an end at some time. I am not convinced.

For all of y'all reading often and faithfully, I have some catch-up writing to do. Some stuff that I wrote and was deleted. Some more reflection. Some more notes. I will fill it in. Thanks for tracking me and my experiences.
It has been so amazing to get so much love and support from so many people. I am grateful.
Oh, and also somebody knocked my bike over with their car tonight. I watched it happen. I was talking Naked Truth business with Steph and saw this car parking close to my bike. Then closer. Then dang that's close. Oh god too Close! And then it was knocked over. Shit.
Broken blinker. Broken saddle bag. Taped up securely now. Thanks to Brook, her honey Jeff, duct tape, electrical tape and determination. Her insurance will pay for it. Bummer. But it is fine.
North tomorrow.  I'm thinking 300 miles to Arcata, CA instead of 500 to Williams, OR. More great folks to vist. I am blessed.