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when 300 miles is a short day. um, obviously.

Written on: Thursday October 16th, 2008

just a quick jaunt south today from santa fe to las cruces. nearly from one side of the state to the other. 282 miles on the map. A little more for me cause I spent a little time on the glorious 2-lanes. 200 miles felt so nearly inconsequential that I foolishly neglected to be mindful of my gas consumption. yep. ran out of gas today. Oh ah ugh- I hang my head. I was feeling pretty embarassed about it, 'specially since all the riders I speak to say "get gas!" "don't pass an opportunity to gas up out west". Yeah, well. damn. and then I stopped feeling embarassed because part of the reason i ran out of gas is I really didn't feel like I had gone all that far. 200 miles went by so fast. that means I am developing stamina. la ti da. plus, I was so very blessed in this scenario. I was on the side of the road for like 10 or 15 minutes before I was on my way again. I had interacted briefly with a couple of folks at a rest stop and they stopped to help when I pulled to the shoulder. They were kind enough to run to the next gas station up the road- less than half a mile- yep- that's right- one of those almost-there running out of gas stories. and now I've got a little gas can for future trouble-shooting. 

I was so glad to get on the road today. I was feeling particularly inclined toward being quiet by myself. On a day when I feel the way I felt today, if I could choose to do anything at all, it would be to ride my motorcycle for a while in New Mexico. What luck! that's just what I did. I love love love the state hwys. I went through Hatch, chili capital of the world. Neat. Spicy. Again, when I got on the highway and I saw the sign saying how far to Las Cruces, my stopping point for the night, at first I through it said 42 miles, then I saw that it read 62. And I celebrated. I love that I love that there is farther to go. More road to ride. I love it. 

Santa Fe was so wonderful. It was just amazing the way I connected with folks there. Perhaps it was all the interchange and openess that I felt there that had me shrink to a more inwardly turned, solitary kind of way I felt today. 

I went to Wise Fool, the radical circus school and company that drew me to Santa Fe in the first place. I got to hang out at their after school program for kids ages 7-12. So fun!! It was great to play and be silly and move my body a lot. After that I took an acro class and learned some good conditioning excerises and a couple of neat moves. Mostly, it was wonderful to connect with Amanda and Amy, two of the circus performing justice workers there. Wise Fool is all about using circus as a tool for radical social justice work. It is run by women, lots of queer women. And they do really rad work with many of the surrounding communities- making an effort to make their work available and accessible to communities of color and poor folks. Check them out at www.wisefoolnewmexico.org  I plan to return to do their 6-week women's circus workshop in May. Whoowee!

Tomorrow I will stop in Tucson and see my friend Clay. I kept thinking that Tuscon was further west than it actually is. I thought tomorrow was going to be a long day. Again, I'm a little bummed it's another short day. A mere 275 miles. On the other hand, as I look at making it from Tucson to LA in a day, I think- oh my- do I really want to ride 550 miles and then be in LA? I am still not totally sure what I am going to do about that city. I am nervous about riding my bike there and am exploring other options. I intend to be there to see some very dear friends. And really, I think I will ride. And really, I think I will be just fine. I will keep feeling it out and come up with a good strategy- maybe coming in pretty late at night. 

Tomorrow I get to ride with a Beemer buddy of my dad's, Doug Crow. I met him at the Hoosier BMW rally about a month back. He is on his was to Olympia, WA and our timing happened to work out perfectly. I am looking forward to riding with him a ways. He is also helping me to figure out why I am occaisionally losing power at high speeds. feels like I'm running out of gas. That's what I thought was happening when I was running out of gas. Until I put the reserve on and the power came back. just not for quite long enough. 

I am feeling so much love from all across this chunk of land. Thanks so much to all of you who are loving me up from far away. Feels so good to be loved and supported by so many wonderful people. 


From Dcn. Channing on Oct 16th, 2008

Very nice, Miss Becky... If you end up coming near Austin, we will be glad to offer most of the comforts of home... Keep going!!!

From T-Claw on Oct 17th, 2008

You even look like your dad. All my friends into them motor bikes. I miss you Becky, I hope you can stop in Olympia on your way up. We finally opened the Flaming Eggplant cafe that i have been working on forever. Ride Safe, Love, Claw

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