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staying put. Santa Fe.

Written on: Tuesday October 14th, 2008

it is noon and i am not 200 miles away from where i awoke. didn't spend an hour packing and loading. my fingers are not brittle stiff aching with coldness. in fact, I have not left the apartment where I slept last night. and i don't intend to for some time. it is raining outside and my awesome host Trevor has invited me to stay in out of the cold wet world. no motorcycles today. wacky. and I am having such an amazing wonderful time here. incredible connections with people. truly blissful moments. i am elated. and so grateful. 

I may not leave tomorrow too- maybe ride around the area- wait til i feel tugged forward- westward. South! I have decided to go south. Nevermind flagstaff. Never mind the grand canyon. Too cold. South. I am going south. I am taking advantage of this being still to plot a course. South. Then west. 

Yesterday- after spending $50 at Wal-Mart buying fleece longjohns and gloves and little hot hands warm packs and an extra thick pair of wool socks to wear on top if my wool socks- it had warmed up and I decided to make the next hour or so to Santa Fe happen. Less than 10 miles down the road I decided that the draft I was getting in my back was too uncomfortable- needed to stop and retuck my warm layers. There at the gas station where i stopped were 4 guys on new decked out R1200 GS bikes. Now, for those of you who don't know your BMW motorcycles, after much thought, I've decided the best way I can describe this bike is to say that it is the Hummer of motorcycles. It is a bike that is built to look tough- muscular- built for on and off road riding but so many owners don't never ride more off road than a gravely spot in a parking lot. These dudes were all dressed in new BMW internation touring suits. They had at least 5 gadgets strapped to their tank bags- i phones, i pods, gps, cameras, in-helmet- walkey talkies, radios, heated hand grips. They had it all. And boy did they ever love their tele-communication devices. Calling people. Making deals. Checking the market. Stock market, that is. They were fancy. We had both been through the same rough weather the day before, and they were writing home about the intensity of it too. And when I told them I had been riding only for a month and was going farther then them and solo and that I had camped last night, Andrew, the fella I liked the best, said, "Damn, you are bad ass" Thanks very much. 

These fancy riders with almost double the engine as me and 25 times more money in their bikes and gear and gadgets than me, invited me to ride with them to santa fe and they would buy me lunch. (perhaps they were impressed by my vintage BMW leather riding suit.) Now, I ain't dumb, don't never say no to a free meal and an interesting opportunity. So we ride an hour down the road. And I keep up. Though they do jet ahead faster than me at first. Into wacky Santa Fe traffic. And awesome upper class bohemian restaurant. And boy do they ever love their telecommunication devices. Then again, when we got to santa fe, I was checking my email, voicemail, etc. trying to connect with folks and figure where I was going to sleep. So again, I fit right in. 

Spent the afternoon in Santa Fe, strolling and catching up with fam on the phone. And arrived at Trevor's place just after dark. He told me he was also hosting another couch surfer in his 1 bedroom place, and I wasn't totally sure how I was going to share space with these fellas, though I had a good feeling. Within 10 minutes, Trevor had offered Chris and I lovely glasses of wine and we were laughing a talking and joking like we were old pals. I was immediately stoked to be in their company and am glad to enjoy it again today and tonight. I just love what is going on right now. Leap, and the ground will appear beneath your feet. 


From Sue Puckett on Oct 15th, 2008

Becky, I continue to keep you in my prayers for safety as you travel and a great adventure we are all taking with you! Love, Aunt Sue

From ian on Oct 16th, 2008

Holy shit, Becky! This is quite an adventure. i just got done reading all your journal entries - i'll try to keep up with them on a daily basis from now on. Like others have posted, your rock! you're a bad ass! all that. Plus, your writing is really fun to read. Thanks for keeping us all updated. i'll be thinking of you. Enjoy!