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in the morning + back log of photos

Written on: Monday October 13th, 2008

i settled in well last night. but the wind did not. it raged on. bringing chills. the moon was bright. I awoke often. It was not a bad night, but nor was it particulalry restful. I thought I would set up my tent inside of the little shelter- got it all set up before i realized that just was not going to work. Even if I put all my gear along the edges- the tent was still more like a sail than a shelter. So I slept on the metal grate picpic table. Course I was on my comfy thermarest, but still, that cold wind moved right under me. I've got a great sleeping bag- but no bag is impermiable to wind. It is so interesting to be shaken by wind all day and through most of the night. At 5, I decided I would get up and get an early start. instead of lying still being chilly, might as well pack up the bike, get on it and get downright cold riding. The moon set about an hour before the sun rose- which was not til almost 7. Messy packing job- with wet items from yesterday and of course anything not wieghted or strapped down would blow far far away real darn quick. 

And then I got on my way. 80 miles of damn cold riding. Stopped 3 times to warm my freezing aching fingers. And until the last 10 miles- all under heavy cloud cover. I was chasing the sun.

Ah discomfort and inconvenience! The stuff great lessons are made of! and oh so very accessible on a motorcycle!

and then there are the magical moments, when i was on the steep and very curvy ridge of a sun smattered colored mesa- signs say to look out for falling rocks and cows, i rounded a bend- a 25mph curve- to find 2 deer- doe and her fawn- running along the tiny dusty-dirt shoulder. I slow. They run on the road ahead of me in that hop hop hop way deers do. The doe trys to run up the steep side- back toward me- finds it too steep- back on the road- jumps over the gaurd rail into the abyss. the fawn is running on the road. right in front of me. like we are the same traffic. its right in the center of the lane. I laugh then honk my horn- worried the doe may come up from the side of me and ram me to protect her baby. 

then i realize why i am doing this. 

after those 80 cold miles, made it into las vegas, NM- just an hour from santa fe where i plan to stop fo at least today. Decided 10 miles in, that today i would buy some coffe at some place where i could sit down and relax for a while. preferably espresso. I came into town- missed the sign for mainstreet- took a right hand turn- then a left- decided to park to find a place to get coffee- and exactly across the street was Charlies Spic-n-Span cafe and bakery. Complete with neon likeness of steaming coffee cup. ah the ways i find my way. There is even free wireless here. And a plug. 

Discomfort- yep. Inconvenience- yep. Uncertainty- by the bucketfull. and magic. and oh is there magic.


From Mark Renfrow on Oct 13th, 2008

You are bad ass!!!! Love Dad

From Dcn. Channing on Oct 14th, 2008

All the best for you on this journey. I must mention the options available for your ride. Do you know about electric heated gloves and clothing? Sure makes your riding safer!

From DLock on Oct 14th, 2008

Absolutely amazing! I've shared your blog with my friends at work and we'll all be following your progress. Please stay safe and warm!

From Skeeter on Oct 15th, 2008

You Go Girl!! Just remember those old airheads are good for the soul & it's the K's that are good for burning!!!