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400 miles or so down the road- Hot Springs Arkansas

Written on: Friday October 10th, 2008

the day is catching up to me just now. I have eaten and relaxed a bit here in the home of Pete Murray who I connected with via counchsurfing.com. I believe I am feeling a bit of the miles in my body, if I am not mistaken. i feel a slight whirring about my head and more than a couple crampy stiff parts. 

Things I have learned today:

1.When the ride stops being fun, it is time for a break.

2. I prefer to shun the interstate when at all practical. State highways are more beautiful, more exciting, more fun, less stressful, drain my energy less. I have time, no need to act like I am in a hurry. remember-  it is about the journey. It has to be on a bike.

3. Arkansas is beautiful. I took hwy 70 most of the way through and I am so glad I did. marshy these parts. really lovely. mangroves? is that what they are called, the trees that grow in marshes. really lovely. I used to playfully talk trash about arkansas. I had no idea. I may not have noticed if I had not learned the above listed #2.

 I am grateful to be staying in a house tonight. Tomorrow too. Hooray for couchsurfing!


much love to all you blog readers of mine. for those of you who are enthusiastically following what i record here, i believe you can subscribe and you will get an email when i post something new.



From rita(mom) on Oct 10th, 2008

wow, you are fabulous!! rest well honey. sitting here with Cristina, reading about you. sure do love you.

From DLock on Oct 11th, 2008

Rock on Becky!!!