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seasons change and i am on my way

Written on: Thursday October 9th, 2008

eventful days these. and it has all come together. got my bad ass big biker boots with the extra half inch. got my slick slender low profile tire. got some spill-proof tupperware. and oh yeah, got my bike back. Seems to be in grand shape- with new piston and cylinder. and oh how lovely is the windshield- expertly affixed by my wonderful father. He made the run from hartford to nashville and back several times this week and in rain and fog too to get me here and get me to my bike. He has been unimaginably generous and loving. I couldn't be better prepared as I begin this journey. couldn't dream of being better loved.

I rode up to Ohio County today- 100 miles or so- to test out the bike and to take dad his lunch one last time before that becomes prohibatively impractical. Ended up running up to the hill too as I forgot my heated vest there. In the last several years I have done a fair ammount of coming and going and today was the toughest departure in a very very long time. It has been so special spending this time with my dad- learning to ride- living in the woods where i come from. I am so grateful. So blessed. Tearfully and gratefully I got on my way. Learned that when you ride away with tears on your cheeks they are blown dry before too long. Uncle wayne and cousin wayne rode with me out of town. It was good to get to ride with them. Wish I would have snapped a picture of these two men in my family. So grateful for family. 

One last  night with my mom, don and emily and her musical buddy stephan are here. Mom made an exceptionally delicuious southern style dinner- turnip greens, black beans, corn bread and porkchops. She loves me so good. Guess I am spolied rotten. I am again grateful for family. 


Spent the afternoon orgainzing and packing and tomorrow morning I start heading west. We'll see how far I get in a day. 

Everybody says "be careful" and I will. Appreciating deeply my responsibility to ride with all my senses all the time- not just for my own self- but because so many people who i love so much love me so much. So I will do my best. All the time.

Send your prayers and positive thoughts after me- that i may pass joyfully and safely through the great space between here and there.