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I begin.

Written on: Thursday October 2nd, 2008

The trip began yesterday, Oct .1 I didn't know it was going to begin until I was packing. Rode to marvelous-generous-mechanic-genius Scott's place in Shelbyville, TN from dad's place in the woods in KY. About 200 mi. It sure was with the loops I made near Scott's place looking for his road. Stopped in Nashville on the way- saw my dear friend Jen Cartwright- we sat in the grass on a hill in Hillsboro village. City riding ain't nothing like country riding. Riding out of the city just on the break of rush hour- makes me feel like super woman. Cause it ought to be impossible. 75mph across 4 lanes of boxes of steel. But i can do it. I did it. Scott diagnosed and repaired the problem- gear oil in the airbox- in record time. Though the oil leak was caused by his oversight when he had worked on the bike before, I was glad for the opportunity to take off on a ride by myself and was so grateful to him for looking the bike over again- tunned up my carbourators, tightened up my back break, and gave it a good once over. Very grateful. His mom, Nancy, put me up for the night, reminding me of how it feels to enjoy the generous hospitality of folks who don't know me. Got to ride with his wife Diane this morning- first time I got to take a ride with another woman. She is an inch shorter than me and has more bike with a R100S. Good to ride with another sister who has to work harder too. Passing through Nashville now, back to dad's place this evening, back to TN for the Return to Shiloh Rally, then back to KY probably on Sun, Nashville again on Tuesday morning and on Wednesday I begin the long trek. And so I ride.