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I am my father's daughter AND Touch Down

Written on: Saturday August 6th, 2011

It was a long ride. And here I am. Arrived whole and healthy and happy and entirely elated to be living this gorgeous life.

Dad and I had a tearful parting in Bozeman, both a little sad to be ending our father daughter adventure; and tearful too with gratitude and joy for having had the experience. No longer seeing my dad in the rearview told me every time I glanced down that I was on my own. I was really feeling my smallness. Both my physical smallness, like if I do drop this heavy machine, my dad won't be there to help me pick it up. And also the cosmic smallness I feel when it's all space around me, I'm alone in the world, a tiny piece of a gigantic system, and anything can happen.

That day I had planned to go to Missoula, only about 200 miles from Bozeman. I thought I might hang out in the cool little town, make some friends, maybe go to some nearby hot springs. When at noon I was only an hour away, it was clear that I was not done riding. I took a suggestion from the friend of a friend who I might have stayed with in Missoula and made for Sand Point Idaho to find a campsite. I had ridden that 250 miles by 5pm (I also gained an extra hour). Thought I would stay there for the night, but as I rode past "campsite full" signs and kept heading west, I accidentally arrived in Washington. I wasn't achey. I wasn't tired. And then I was in Spokane. That was terrible, so I kept going. I ended up in Moses Lake, WA at 10pm totally exhausted. Without even meaning to I broke my record for miles in a day, nearly 600. I am my father's daughter. I slept that night on a picnic table in an RV park. Came in late and left at day break so no one had a chance to fuss at me. Went only 15 or so miles down the road to a rest stop and slept on another picnic table til my head cleared and the sun was higher in the sky.

Took my sweet time on the last day of this part of the trip. Rode north through Twisp where I met a friend for fabulous lunch at a Thai restaurant. Then meandered across the North Cascades. Came into Bellingham right around 5pm. Went directly to the Lookout Arts Quarry and swam in the cool clear water celebrating my arrival.

Bellingham has been totally enchanting. Connecting with dearest friends. Loving warm (but not hot!!) sunshine and cool breezes and so much green. Inspiration blooming in abundance. The adventure continues. Indeed it does. I am eager to discover what lies ahead of these approaching curves.


From Mark Renfrow {Dad} on Aug 9th, 2011

Yeah, it was really great to spend the time and miles with you Beck, and I'm greatfull, and realize how lucky I am/we are to have made such memories. So, lets do it again! And remember my riding rule #4, don't go faster than how far ahead you can see and get stopped in that distance. Not a bad rule for life in general. Love Ya! Dad

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