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Surf's Up!

Written on: Wednesday December 31st, 2008

A journal entry from: Ecuador

The final phase of my trip in Ecuador took place in the northern costal area of Canoa. This surf resort is quite a long way up the coast from Guayaquil. In fact it took us more than 12 hours in total to get there!

We arrived in the dark, having taken two busses, one boat and a taxi to reach our hostel. It seemed very nice and we immediately took up residence in the hammocks, listening to Bob Marley and drinking Cuba Libres until we were too drunk to do anything but go to bed! My bed was on the mezzanine level of the room and I had to negotiate a rickety bamboo ladder to get up and down to it! Amazingly during the four nights we stayed at the hostel I didn't fall off it once.

The next morning I woke early and went for a dawn swim, I then spent some time on the beach watching the fishermen go out for the morning catch, in order to launch their boats they had to roll them down the beach on two logs, a process that seemed very exhausting!

Days in Canoa followed a very simmilar pattern, go for breakfast normally french toast with lashings of maple syrup then go for a swim or surf, hit a cafe for lunch, drink a couple of beers on the beach, maybe surf some more then go hang around in a hammock until it was time for dinner. The weather was fantstic, and during the day I really liked Canoa, the beach was quiet and the people seemed really friendly. At night it seemed to change, and whilst it was possible to eat in a good restaurant these were generally the ones run by gringos, for gringos. We did not seem to do well trying to eat in more local restuarants.

Canoa is a nice place to spend a few days, and I enjoyed the realxed atmosphere and sunshine a great deal! I am writing this from a hostel in Quito and it is the complete opposite. New Year's Eve is in full swing here complete with parades, fireworks and burning effigies - the latter mostly of George W Bush! In comparrison to Canoa's sleepy surf town attitude Quito seems like a bit of a nut house!