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Travel Journal: Thailand to Turkey


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Jan 22nd 2008
Phuket town, final days.
Jan 23rd 2008
The Big Day
Jan 24th 2008
"All's well in the moorings" Chalong Bay
Jan 27th 2008
"Aaargh matey"
Jan 30th 2008
A trip to the temple with "A"
Feb 2nd 2008 ""Lube up the eggs boys, weâre underway!""
Mar 1st 2008 "A Change of Plans"
Mar 6th 2008 Part II
Mar 9th 2008 "Call me Dopv and feed me gat"
Mar 12th 2008 Eritrea, Land of Cappucino and Enjera
Mar 30th 2008 "Diving along Swimmingly"
Apr 6th 2008 "Port Galib" or "28 Days Later"?
May 12th 2008 Save the drama for your mama, Mufasa!

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