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"A Change of Plans"

From the Trip: Thailand to Turkey


(November 5th, 2009)

You omitted to mention that on reflection and review of our initial emails I agreed with you and gave you this diesel money back in Aden after you'd left quickstep..... or am I being picky?

From: Bear

(March 17th, 2012)

A few years later, but yes William I am sorry I left out that part of the story. Once we had access to internet, William reviewed our correspondence and saw that we had indeed made the agreement before travelling that $20/day was to cover everything except visas and to his credit he additionally gave me another ($100? $60? Whatever the visa cost had been) when our trip changed to circumvent landing and needing an Indian visa. He was always on the up and up with money matters and I cannot say how much that was appreciated!

Save the drama for your mama, Mufasa!

From the Trip: Thailand to Turkey

From: SY Quickstep

(November 5th, 2009)

Nice joprnal behr, hope you found your way home and all the things went well for you. I cant wait tio read the story of when you get a boat and sail on.. I'm sure it will be...mmm different at least.. Good luck and fair winds.