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Part II

Written on: Thursday March 6th, 2008

A journal entry from: Thailand to Turkey

An introduction to the characters I've been in close contact with on these yachts.

William ? Scottish owner/operator of Quickstep, the vessel I sailed 3000+ nautical miles with.  A good man at heart with a few idiosyncracies.  Ex-military.

Mikey and Kathy ? British - "Tacks" (a 34' "Evasion" by Benneteau?. Get it?  Nudge, nudge, wink, wink).  Nice couple, sort of loose and friendly sorts you'd expect to see on a booze cruise.

David and Miriam ? Spanish ? "Illusion" ? typical fiery Spaniards with a real passion to them.

Jim and Ged ? British ? "Albert II" ? Darling couple with a playful nature and a knack for cooking and eating well.

Peter and Sam ? British ? "St. Barbara" ? Older ex military and son of his friend along to help sail. Sam and I went diving together, a good chap with his Rescue Diver cert as well.

The skinny is that I bought a ticket for Amman, Jordan today (5th) and needed to do so to purchase a Yemeni visa good for 3 months.  They as many countries do, require you to have proof of onward passage before you are allowed entry.  As I collected my bags from William, I was approached by Jim and Ged whom I briefed on my situation and that I was heading out of the harbour to find a hotel, at which point they invited me aboard Albert II and I accepted.  I still have a ticket for Jordan, but they said I could sail with them if I like, under much more lenient and agreeable conditions than the last I encountered.  I have since thought about it and accepted, and recieved an email from travelocity.com "regretting to inform" me that my reservation was not ticketed :(  boo hoo, so I saved $300 for my flight and I'm on to the Red Sea in what amounts to a 5 star hotel compared to my previous accomodations.  These are the people whose banana bread I can't get enough of, they brew thier own ginger beer aboard... the only thing I can think of that isn't ideal about this situation is that they haven't got thier own private jet which they will fly me back to California in when we are done sailing...... or DO they?  I haven't asked, so I guess I shouldn't assume.

Needless to say I am on cloud 9, square one, pocket aces, wild dueces, column 43 down, 8 letter word for just super!   I will head to Sa'na tomorrow I think to see the old city and tour as we will be sailing very soon.  I apologize for reading everyone's mail and not responding, there was just a lot of it and I will do my best to soon... but I can't be bothered to spend 3 hours in the cafe every day when I only get three days of shore leave.... on a positive note, there is a laptop aboard Albert II that I have access to, so I can pre-write some emails and fire them off a flash card quick as you like, once I set my sea legs upon the sand again.  I do love the correspondence and it's a nice touch from home!

So I'm off to procure vittles for the trip, armed with a knowledge of the things I will crave on those long nights at sea... I can't wait for the next leg!  I think I'm actually MORE excited than I was in Thailand, because I know Jim and Ged and was a bit aprehensive last time... now I'm elated!

Cheers to all!