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""Lube up the eggs boys, weâ??re underway!""

Written on: Saturday February 2nd, 2008

A journal entry from: Thailand to Turkey

 I sit in the cockpit of the yacht and rub a bit of Vaseline into my paws.  I gengerly pick up an egg from the carton of 30 and lube that egg up.  This evidently is standard procedure for storing eggs on a long voyage.  The eggshell is porus, allowing oxygen in, causing oxidation and a rotten egg... so Vaseline delays this process of decay considerably!  Personally, I found it hilarious.

We are finally weighing anchor today.  Last items of business are bread, showers, a massage for me, ice and Sunday dinner (as in colloquial for "lunch" 'round here, as in The South (US)).  We checked out yesterday, making our current presence in Thailand of questionable legality.  The captain doesn't seem too worried about it, and if they throw me in prison, I suppose I can write a book about it in 6 years when they let me out. 

Last night when we came ashore, we met up with John and Pawn, who treated us to supper at "Sailor's Rest" and John brought two bottles of wine from his homeland of Oz.  Very nice Cab, and I know they say white wine with prawns but I say "red with everything!"... tamarind sauce is tart and tingles my soul.   We then proceeded to another bar, but along the way we noticed lanterns floating up into the night sky.  I forget what they are called, but basically they are paper hot air balloons and these were some of the largest I've seen; about 6' tall and 3' in diameter, lighted in the center is a roll of naptha suspended inside a stabilizing hoop at the bottom.  Several people hold it open whilst the fuel heats the air inside until the lantern (like a chinese paper lantern) lifts and floats away.... Gorgeous.
Then, not 200m away, a fireworks show begins to be lighted from the end of the pier we are on!
 I remarked to the Captain, "Word must be out that we're finally leaving."

To top the night off, played a few rounds of billiards with a cute french girl by name of Maud, and a few more with a Scot by name of Stewart who is also quite cute, in that older Scottish gentlemanly sort of way.  We've spoken before, a bit about my dream of "running charter" with some Ozzies as well as Stewart some nights ago.  There are just so many really interesting people floating in and out of my life since I got here, I'm a bit blown away.  I don't know if I mentioned this before, but John is a really nice guy... though that doesn't begin to explain the level of goodness there is to the man.  Just an honor and pleasure to have met him, really. 

I'd write a bit more, me hearties, but I've a massage calling my name before I'm off to lunch and to launch this fine vessel!! 

Damn I feel good!  Like my heart is overflowing with love... I almost feel like crying!