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"Aaargh matey"

Written on: Sunday January 27th, 2008

A journal entry from: Thailand to Turkey

Well I *almost* had a crazy adventure today.  We were moving the boat because W. didn't want to get stuck on this buoy we were really close to if the wind shifted around.  So we pulled up anchor and then as we were drifting away, what should happen but we get tangled on the very buoy the operation is based upon NOT getting tangled up in.  We can't see it, which means it's most likey under the boat... and we're not going anywhere even with the engine pushing.  So it's up to ME right, to go dive under the boat and see if I can't untangle the rope from the keel or prop or whatever it's wrapped around.  So I've got images in my mind of diving in the water, knife firmly gripped in my teeth, see (as I needs the use of the paws for swimming).  The water's none too clear, neither, so I'm working with a visibility of about one meter, and I spied an unknown jellyfish earlier.  Yeah, I'm a bit aprehensive, but still looking forward to the experience.

 Then what should happen once I'm all geared up but I have to unhook the dinghies from the back as they are hitched to the ladder I'm going to climb down into the sea.  Yes, I know I said I were going to dive in, and that's all well good and dramatic like, but then what good's all that there drama when I'm thinking to get back in the boat?  You've had the long, so here's the short of it:  The buoy was messed up on our DINGHY, not our main vessel, and the dinghy of course is attached to our yacht.  It was a simple matter to free the dinghy and by proxy, ourselves.

Last night was a good time, ran into some of the locals at the pier.  They were just hanging out playing w/ RC cars in the parking lot so I approached and made friendly.  We ended up walking out the the end of the pier, laughing and talking and just hanging out.  They gave me a handmade necklace that fell off as I was sleeping last night and forgot to wear today... but it's actually pretty nice, fang of an unknown species (to me) on the end of it. There were about 8 of them, then we ran into two more guys later... Thier names or my butchering of them were: Na, Kaew, Nam, Jack, Yeung, Pui, Phaedo, Day and that's all I remember right now. 

Operated the dinghy for the first time today, and might fly solo back to the boat tonight depending on the captain's plans.  I think he might be in the market for some pre-voyage nookie?  But I'm supposed to meet with him 13 minutes ago so I best be off!