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"All's well in the moorings" Chalong Bay

Written on: Thursday January 24th, 2008

A journal entry from: Thailand to Turkey

   I have transferred my gear and am now a member of the SV Quickstep, William Turner, captain.  The vessel is blue and white 42' sloop rigged yacht with a 3 meter draft (that's nine+ feet down to the bottom of the keel).  The interior is a bit small and cramped, as are most boats.  My bunk is on the port (left if you are looking towards the bow (the bow is the front)) side, and the captain's is on starboard. Both bunks are just to the side and behind the main hatch/entryway, which appears to be the progeny of a ladder and a staircase. 

 The captain himself is an easygoing Scotsman, red and weathered from years at sea but still lively and quick with a quip.  Seems to be spot on when it comes to safety, has between 3 and 12 backups of just about everything.  The boat was a racer originally, so we are carrying 15 full sets of various sails!  William has been very pleasant and easy and fair to deal with on money matters, making sure he is giving me my money's worth for the $20/day we agreed upon for my expenses.  First night out and he kept pouring Singha down my gullet till me gulliver could take no more.  I begged leave of him and meandered off for a bite of Thai cooking and the trusty internet. 

First night aboard was pleasant calm water, yet with the wind not as hard as I'd like blowing through the cabin.   There's a windcatcher outside what diverts the breeze in and through to give us maximum ventilation, but I could for some more an it please ye.  Slept well enought though and woke before first light, but as I had naught to do but practice the violin and the captain still asleep, I drifted back down into my pillow.  (Other option being digging around in my rucksack in the dim with hardly a foot of elbow space for a journal or book to occupy myself.)  Today we're on about shopping and other various preperatory actions for the voyage ahead.  Needs I must away now, in fact, for to procure some extra passport photos, in anticipation of up and coming immigration/emmigration protocols.