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Phuket town, final days.

Written on: Tuesday January 22nd, 2008

A journal entry from: Thailand to Turkey

A fellow I met at a bus stop in Surathani told me about this website, so here I am starting a blog on here.  I will probably just cut and paste to myspace so people can pick one or the other that they like, though this may end up w/ more pictures on it. 

Woke up around 5AM again this morning.  Early for me, but I do enjoy the predawn, when the humidity in the air is a cool vapor, rather than the sticky mugginess that develops later.  I fell asleep without the fan on accidentally last night.  I was sedated by a 2 hour massage, and fell to slumber almost instantly once I set my book down and extinguished the light.  The room is not as secure as I had originally gleaned, mosquitos disturbed my rest until I restored power to the ceiling fan, causing them great distress as thier flimsy wings could not withstand the tempestuous gale created withall. 

Exceptionally curious and helpful locals.  This morning a man stopped next to me on his bicycle and said "hello" as I perused the local supermarket's propaganda.  Merely biding until the cafe across from my hotel would open, I engaged the man and our conversation though awkward at times, yielded a friendship and information that another eatery was open just a few doors down which I had thought to be a mom (sans pop) store of foodstuffs solely for home preparation.

Rice porridge, a delicious way to breakfast!