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A trip to the temple with "A" Photos

A sand castle I made on the beach. (Just kidding, it's a temple.)

The largest incense sticks I have ever seen. I'm not joking on this one.

Buddah's got a baddy-daddy dance floor.

The dance floor as seen from above.

A and I in front of the wat proper.

The wat seen from the other wat what I mentioned before as being a sand castle.

A armed with incense and lotus blossom. Elephant armed with leis which probably have another name. Not a real elephant. (But based on an actual elephant)

That's me. Wearing shorts.

The SY Quickstep, which I've been misnomering as the SV Quickstep.

Biggest cricket I've ever seen. That's two giant things (with the incense). Which in my book makes Phuket the Texas of Thailand.