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Written on: Tuesday April 10th, 2007

A journal entry from: Sombrio Spring 2007

We made it to Sombrio after about 5 hours of travel time (including ferry). The beach was pretty busy, with lots of surfers and scouts camping. We trekked to the end of the beach and pitched our matching tents.

Friday the weather was great, and we laid around on the beach, scavenged for wood, and made a nice fire. We also drank a lot. Somehow, the 3 of us managed to finish 1 bottle of wine, and 3 mickeys. Needless to say, we passed out in our tents for a good sleep.

Saturday morning it was raining, which was disappointing, but the bad weather scared all of the other campers away, so we had the beach to ourselves. After getting a fire going for breakfast, we hiked part of the Juan de Fuca trail, which was lots of fun! There was a lot of climbing and mud involved; I was filthy by the end of it. We also realized we hadn't brought enough water, so everyone was feeling tired, thirsty and head achey by the end of the hike. It started raining again when we got back to camp, so after a hearty lunch of chili, we retired for a nap.

It was still raining when we got up, so we decided to head to Victoria. We arrived at my sister's place around 10pm. After visiting with Lauren, we went to the first place that was open and served food (we were starving!) which happened to be Boston Pizza. After feasting, we went back to Lauren's, set up camp on her floor, watched SNL, and went to sleep.

 Sunday morning we went for breakfast at the Blue Fox in Victoria, which was delicious! After breakfast, we made it onto the 1pm ferry, and back to Vancouver.

Over all, a very successful first camping trip of 2007!


From ROSS on Apr 11th, 2007

How wierd we took the same photo - I don't even remember taking it, or where it is!?!

From Jen on Apr 15th, 2007

Sounds like fun! I miss camping trips. What was that shit you were eating in the tin foil? Looked like the dog food Mom makes for Shiloh. Mwahah. xo