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Rescue Diver in Sipadan, Sabah, Malaysia

Written on: Sunday July 13th, 2008

A journal entry from: Southeast Asian Adventures!

So I went back to Mabul after all. As soon as I left in June, I instantly missed the diving and all the wonderful people I had met at Billabong. So after spending a night in the KL airport outside on a metal bench, I flew to Tawau then got picked up by Sani and was taken to Semporna. Semporna is not my favourite place in the world (to say the least), so I slept the day away and got on the boat the next morning for Mabul.

I was warmly welcomed back by all my divemaster friends on Mabul, and spent my first day studying my Rescue Diver manual on the jetty. Lareina, my instructor, is also from Vancouver, so we had all sorts of things to talk about.

My rescue course took 4 days, and it was great. I learned how to rescue a panicked, tired and unconscious diver at the surface and underwater. Raze was supposed to assist me and play victim, but he was sick, so instead I had to rescue Eric, an American tourist with a terrible attitude. There were definitely times I would have preferred to let him drown, but Miding (another divemaster) also assisted me and I had a great time with him. On our boat rides out of Sipadan, dolphins were jumping beside the boat, playing. It was so amazing.

Other than my course, I spent my days doing fun dives with Miding, and spent the evenings out on the jetty again with my South African friend Miekie, Simon, Johnny, Raze and Miding. My last night in Mabul I stayed up til 6am on the jetty with Lareina, Raze and Miding. We stayed up late enough to see the moon turn orange and disappear on the horizon, and see the sun rise. Turtles were surfacing everywhere around us, and Raze even spotted a huge eagle ray near the jetty. Mabul is certainly magical.

Raze and Miding even came back to Semporna with me on my last night, which was great. Semporna is definitely more exciting with company. Now I'm heading to KL, reluctantly. I'm definitely going to miss Mabul, Sipadan and the great friends I made there.