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Gunung Bromo, Java

Written on: Tuesday May 20th, 2008

A journal entry from: Southeast Asian Adventures!

Charlotte, Alan and I took a bus from Surabaya to Probolinggo in the evening, and arrived in Probolinggo quite late. We were lucky enough to meet two other travelers heading up to Bromo, and the 5 of us managed to get a ride up to the volcano. Bromo is a sight I had wanted to visit last time I was in Indonesia, but never made it there, so I was very excited to be making a quick trip to see this famous active volcano.

It was nearly midnight when we arrived in Bromo, and had to be up at 3:30am to see the sunrise over the volcano. We somehow managed to get ourselves out of bed and bundle up before setting out in a Jeep to the viewpoint. The viewpoint was completely packed with tourists, mostly Indonesian, as it was a national holiday. As usual, people were snapping photos of us rather than the amazing sunrise. When the light revealed Bromo below, we were truly in awe of the sight. It was easy to see why so many people were gathered to see the volcano.

After sunrise we headed down to the crater, in the "sea of sand." There were ponies everywhere, their owners waiting to take tourists up to the crater. The 3 of us climbed the stairs to look down into the crater, but sulphurous fumes were pouring out and people were vomiting, so we didn't last long at the top.

A quick nap after seeing the volcano, and we were back on a bus to Surabaya.