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Surabaya, Java

Written on: Sunday May 18th, 2008

A journal entry from: Southeast Asian Adventures!

It was fun to return to Surabaya and the Maple Leaf Centre to see the friends and kids I'd left 2 years earlier. Surabaya is another big Indonesian city, known for business and shopping, and has little to offer backpackers. Alan and I spent our time there at the Maple Leaf school in Charlotte and Karen's classroom, playing with the kids and helping out. In the evenings we went for dinner with the school staff, or hung out at DPS with Karen and Charlotte watching movies. We also went out one night to one of the only bars in Surabaya, Lido's, and also to a club called Colors. It was a fun reunion with Maple Leaf staff and the kids, and it was also great to show Alan around Surabaya.