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Written on: Sunday April 27th, 2008

A journal entry from: Southeast Asian Adventures!

The 3 hour jeepney ride to Sabang was painful. The jeepney was crammed full of people, chickens, vegetables and other bags, with loads of people riding on top of the jeepney as well. The roads weren't paved for the majority of the trip, making for a bumpy ride. We arrived in Sabang in the evening and immediately decided to take the last boat for the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River tour. The subterranean river, a world heritage site, is the attraction of Sabang. It features an 8.2km long navigable underground river.

We picked the worst time to visit Sabang, as hundreds of Filipino tourists were also visiting as part of a sports tour (or something like that). I think the tour would be really amazing if it wasn't so commercialized - we got in a small boat, had to wear life jackets (surprisingly, seeing as how most boats in SE Asia don't have life jackets), and were shuttled over to the river. At the river, we were given another life jacket and helmets and assigned a boat. Despite the hoards of tourists, the underground river was stunning - huge limestone formations and over 45,000 bats! We also saw a monitor lizard, which was neat.

The original plan was to get back on the jeepney the next day and head north to the town of El Nido. In the morning, however, neither Alan nor I felt like getting on the uncomfortable jeepney and spent another day in Sabang, relaxing at Mary's Cottages on the beach.