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Written on: Friday April 18th, 2008

A journal entry from: Southeast Asian Adventures!

We finally made it to a beach paradise in the Philippines! I'd heard that there were beautiful beaches all over, but travel in the Philippines is either very slow (long bus rides and boat rides) or expensive (flights), and we've been on a lot of slow rides. The latest bus ride to Sipalay was very hectic - people were basically standing on top of each other and boxes were piled high in the aisles. There was no airconditioning so the windows were open the entire time, making for a windy and dusty ride. I was relieved to arrive in tiny Sipalay around 8pm and have a boat waiting for us to take us to beautiful Sugar Beach.

We stayed at Sulu Sunset Resort on the quiet and remote Sugar Beach. There are only 5 or so resorts on Sugar Beach and they're quite spread out, giving one the feeling of being almost alone on a beautiful beach. The only downfall was the staff - the owner must've been on vacation, because the Filipino girls who worked there played the same terrible songs repeatedly and had a hard time with food and drink orders. However, Sipalay is still my favourite spot in the Philippines so far.

We spent our days with 3 British girls we met on the bus ride, laying on the beach, swimming in the crystal clear ocean and went on a snorkel trip. We snorkelled a ship wreck, which was really neat. We stayed in Sipalay for 1 week before reluctantly moving on to the island of Panay.