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Written on: Sunday April 13th, 2008

A journal entry from: Southeast Asian Adventures!

At last, we reached a beach! It was a quick fast ferry ride from Cebu City to the island of Bohol. Once we reached Tagbiliran in Bohol, we hopped in a tricycle and headed to neighbouring Panglao Island for some sun, scuba and snorkeling. Panglao Island is connected to Bohol by a bridge, and it was only a 45 minute tricycle ride to Alona Beach.

As usual, it was tough to find a cheap place to stay, but found an okay room for an okay price. Alona Beach isn't much of a beach - resorts have built up over the water, so there's a small strip of beach when the tide is out. Our first day there we relaxed, swam in the crystal clear ocean, and arranged a dive for the next day.

We were up at 8am for breakfast, climbed on the dive boat and set out for Balicasag Island. On our first dive there was a strong current, but a lot to see. The second dive was my favourite, a wall dive with bright coral, huge schools of silver barracuda, a rockfish and a scorpion fish. It was amazing to swim out over the edge of the wall covered in coral and look down into the deep, dark ocean.

Our third day on Panglao we headed to Hinagdanan Cave for swimming. The fresh water cave was full of local kids jumping off the rock formations into the chilly water. It was a great swimming spot.

We decided to leave Panglao and spend 1 night in Tagbiliran to go to the Tarsier Conservation Centre, which is run by the Philippine Tarsier Foundation. We arrived at the centre in the small town of Corella, and were taken through trails with a guide who showed us 6 of the 10 tarsiers in the facility. The little creatures are quite strange looking, but very cute. They stared at us with their huge eyes, quite sleepy, as they are nocturnal. Back in the centre we read up on our tarsier facts - they are endangered due to loss of habitat, hunting house cats and the illegal trade in animals.

One night in Tagbiliran was plenty, as this busy little town has little to offer. Next we'll be taking the fast ferry on to Dumaguete on the island of Negros.