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Cebu City

Written on: Tuesday April 8th, 2008

A journal entry from: Southeast Asian Adventures!

We finally escaped from Manila on a flight to Cebu City, which is basically a smaller Manila. Our flight was delayed, and it was difficult waiting around at the airport at 4am. However, we were happy to get out of the madness of Manila.

Cebu City is a pretty nice place. We only stayed 2 nights, and didn't do a whole lot. There's a good nightlife and it's not nearly as sketchy as Manila at night. We spent a day walking around the Carbon Market (the local fruit and vegetable market), where everyone wanted to say hello (I guess foreigners don't visit here often). We also walked around and saw Magellan's Cross, which was apparently planted by Magellan upon his arrival in the Philippines, claiming the land for Spain. We also took some pictures at the beautiful Basilica Minore Santo Nino, which seemed more like a tourist attraction than a church. I'm looking forward to some beach time after hanging out in so many cities!