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Siem Reap & Angkor Wat

Written on: Wednesday February 13th, 2008

A journal entry from: Southeast Asian Adventures!

The journey from Bangkok to Siem Reap was a long, uncomfortable one. We crossed the border on foot in Poipet to see the smooth pavement of Thailand was gone; rocky, dusty roads filled with small dirty children begging for money was my first impression of Cambodia. We had to wait in line for customs for about an hour, and finally boarded a bus around 4pm for Siem Reap. The bus ride to Siem Reap was dusty, bumpy and uncomfortable, complete with a flat tire due to the unpaved roads.

After a long sleep we headed to the war museum, which was an outdoor display of tanks, guns, RPGs and landmines used in the civil war. In the evening we went to a seafood Cambodian BBQ with our driver, which was a lot of fun. We also checked out the touristy area of Bar Street for a few drinks.

The highlight of Siem Reap was of course Angkor Wat. We woke early and went to the main temple for sunrise. We spent 11 hours exploring the beautiful temples of Angkor. We were very dusty and exhausted by the end of it. Angkor was swarming with tourists, but later in the afternoon we made it to some temples further out that many of the tour groups didn't make it to.

My favourite temples were Bayon, which had 216 huge faces looking down while we explored the temple, and also Ta Prohm, which is slowly being consumed by nature. Angkor Wat was truly amazing and incredibly impressive.


From Rachel Peters on Feb 29th, 2008

Hey! You were in my part of the world! hahahahaha. We spent most of our time in Poipet, that lovely dirty pot-holed town just on the Cambodian side of the border there. I so miss Cambodia... glad you're having an awesome time there!