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Hong Kong

Written on: Wednesday January 16th, 2008

A journal entry from: Southeast Asian Adventures!

After the 13.5 hour plane ride, I arrived in the busy city of Hong Kong for a 4 day stopover.  I took a bus from the airport to my derelict hostel in the huge and smelly ''Mirador Mansion."

Hong Kong is certainly an interesting city, where east meets west and traditions are still prevalent. From my hostel I can walk down the busy tourist boulevard of Nathan Street, surrounded by stores such as Louis Vuitton and Chanel, to end up at a traditional wet market where fish, live chickens and hanging meat are on display.

I visited a jade market, with tons of booths selling the same stuff, all carved out of jade (real or fake, I couldn't tell). I experienced a traditional dim sum lunch at Lin Hueng Tea House, one of the oldest tea houses in HK. It was a hectic place, with people attacking the dim sum carts and grabbing their favourite dishes, only to have their hands smacked by the women serving up the food.

I took the star ferry from Kowloon to Hong Kong island, rewarded with a fabulous view of the city lights. Another day I took the tram up to the highest point of HK and took a relaxing walk on the trails. I had a great view of the city, and it was also nice to get out of the thick smog and frustrating pedestrian traffic down below.

 After a few days in HK, it's off to Bangkok!


From Rachel Peters on Feb 29th, 2008

Dim Sum in Hong Kong was the best I've ever eaten... yummmm