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We Made It!

Written on: Saturday September 3rd, 2005

A journal entry from: San Francisco 2005

We finally made it to San Francisco! We checked into a cheap little motel, which has everything we need, and is within walking distance to... stuff. Seeing how we didn't really plan this trip out, we're not really sure where we should be going. But we have seen some pretty cool things.

We've spent some time at Fishermen's Wharf, which is a cool place, with tons of little food stands selling clam chowder (delicious and dangerous - Alan got food poisoning!) and other delicious seafoods. One night we went to a really nice restaurant right on the water, very romantic. We asked our waitress, who seemed pretty cool, where a good bar is. She sent us on a mission! The next day we set out to find this area of town she was talking about, and we walked for years! Granted, we did pass through China Town, which was interesting, and sketchy parts of town too. Unfortunately, we didn't get out of the sketchy part; that was our destination. Disappointing! So we started walking back, but it was literally a good 4-5 hour walk.

We stopped at an excellent little Italian restaurant for dinner, and went to the bakery across the street too. When we got home, we took off our shoes and cried (well, not really, just complained for a while).

The next day we set off to see Alcatraz! It was really interesting, and the guide told us lots of good stories about the place. We walked around on the island/prison for a while, then headed back to the mainland.

Lucky for us, our little motel is right beside a liquor store! So naturally, we bought a $5 bottle of wine, which the even corked for us, got a little drunk in our room, then set out to find a bar. We found one, but it was pretty empty. However, the company was great, drinks were good, and a fun time was had by all.

Now it's time to head back to Van for school...ew. We'll have to take the direct highway, which isn't as scenic, but we're still stopping at Cannon Beach. A successful adventure! I would definitely come back to San Fran.