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The Oregon Coast

Written on: Monday August 29th, 2005

A journal entry from: San Francisco 2005

The Oregon Coast is sooo beautiful! Although we didn't do much stopping, mostly driving. At some point we both got sick of listening to the same CDs over and over and being cramped in my car while we passed by all of the gorgeous beaches, and pulled over.

Our private beach was close to the highway, but deserted. We took a break from driving and skimboarded (well Alan did, I tried and bailed a lot), took a walk, and chatted.

We continued on down the coast and crossed over into California and drove through the famour Redwood Forest. Unfortunately it was getting dark, so we missed out on the scenery.  We had to stop for gas and some food while driving through the Redwoods, and the options were quite limited. Finally we came upon a gas station that looked like an old hunting lodge. It was a pretty funny place. The woman working there had baggy skin (yup, that's right), was smoking, missing teeth, and yelling at someone over the phone, something like "It's too damn early to sweep your chimney, you idiot!" Believe it or not, there wasn't much for food either. It was between week old shrivelled hotdogs and packaged cheese and sausage. I went for the cheese and sausage... ended up chucking it out.  At least we got something to drink with caffeine though!

We stopped in a nice (um, mabye not so nice) little down called Eureka for the night, then San Fran in the morning!