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Cannon Beach

Written on: Saturday August 27th, 2005

A journal entry from: San Francisco 2005

Cannon Beach is great! Thank you Robbie for recommending this place! We also stopped in Seaside, which sounds nice, right? Well, it isn't. Just go to Cannon Beach.

We arrived the same weekend as a triathalon or something like that, and it was a bit tough to find a camp site. However, being the resourceful people that we are, we managed just fine. Actually, we managed by driving around a lot, and looking for a place to pitch a tent. We drove up to a little church with a forest behind it, and thought it looked like a good place, although someone clearly lived in house beside the church. We knocked on the door, and good ol' Reverend Vern answered the door, and told us we were more than welcome to pitch our tent in the back woods, although church would start at 10am the next day. So we camped out there that night, and the Reverend woke us up in the morning. He invited us into his house and made us breakfast and coffee while we chatted. What a great guy! We ended up finding a campsite the next day, and bid the Reverend farewell.

I love the small town feel to Cannon Beach (I'm sure it's much more small townish in the winter, when there aren't hoards of tourists!) The weather hasn't been great, and one night it rained, so we reaped the benefits of a leaky tent and couldn't light our little bbq. I wish it was hotter out, but it's still beautiful.

Alan has gone skimboarding at the beach a few times, but I'm too shy to try it infront of so many people, especially the 10yr old kids who are way better than me (skimboarding is not my strong point). We found a weird looking sand bug thing that was burrowing around. Neat. There's also a really good bakery here. Delightful!

We're coming here on our way back to Van, hopefully hitting some better weather.