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Gili T Round 2

Written on: Wednesday August 23rd, 2006

A journal entry from: Indonesia Summer 2006

I just got back from Gili T Round 2, this time with Karen. We had a long weekend, and decided to go to Bali. All the flights were booked though, so we ended up flying to Lombok late Friday night after school, then taking a cab to Senggigi, which is on the main island of Lombok. Our friend Agni told us to stay at her friend's bungalows, and I am so glad we did!

Agni's friend Adrian owns a bunch of beautiful bungalows, definitely the nicest I've seen so far. We arrived late Friday night, had a few drinks with Adrian and others staying with him, and went to a restaurant for dinner. The next day we took a cab to Bangsal, but this time I was prepared for the hassling. We didn't have to wait too long to get on the public boat, and made it to Gili T just fine.

This trip was much more laid back than the last one (not that the last one was all that intense). Karen and I read a lot, laid on the beach, hung out in our barungas, watched movies and ate delicious seafood. We even met up with Troy again. He decided to stay on Gili T for at least 3 months and take his dive master course, so we met up with him one night and hung out.

Now I'm back in Surabaya, with 1 week until I leave for Van.


From Bryan Rite on Feb 9th, 2007

I noticed! And they're awesome, rock on "April".