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Written on: Monday August 14th, 2006

A journal entry from: Indonesia Summer 2006

No one told me it would be so humid in Singapore! And rainy. But all is well. I took a bus to my hostel, checked in, and met 2 girls who are from the US and teaching English in Japan. The 3 of us walked around town, tried some Singaporean food, etc. We split up for a while, then met up later on for dinner at a bar in the tallest hotel in Singapore. It was pretty neat to get an entire view of the city, and mingle with old drunk British men.

Later on the 3 of us took the MRT to the Night Safari! Unfortunately, we weren't allowed to take photos of the animals at night, I guess it would freak them out. We got to ride around on a little trolley thing and look at the animals. It isn't like a typical zoo; the fencing is all invisible, so it all looks pretty natural.

After the Night Safari, we went to a bar to watch live music. The band playing was quite good. They played a lot of covers, and were fun to watch. And very drunk.

Singapore isn't all that exciting though. I'm glad I'm only here for a few days. It's basically just a huge city, very western, with a million shopping malls. I walked around Little India though, which is close to my hostel, and it's really interesting. We had some delicious Indian food and masallah tea, and visited a beautiful Hindu temple.

When I get back to Surabaya, only 2 weeks left before heading back to Van! This trip has gone by so fast!