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Back to Work

Written on: Wednesday August 9th, 2006

A journal entry from: Indonesia Summer 2006

Leaving Gili T and coming back to work was difficult. Getting off of Gili T was difficult! The public boat only leaves when it's full, and no one was leaving the island that day. Luckily I ran into a few French guys who were going to the airport, so we chartered a boat and took a taxi back to the airport together.

Karen just came back from Canada, and it's really nice to have her around. One more person in the house to hang out with! She's been helping me out a lot with work (I don't know how to teach!!!)

I found out that I'm teaching gr3 Language Arts and Drama, and gr6 Social Studies and Drama. Who said I could teach drama??? I also have to make 3 month lesson plans. Interesting, seeing how I've never taught by myself before. I've been making long distance calls to my sister Jen and to Alan to ask about teaching and drama. Haha.

Karen and I have been going to Nescafe for coffee, and going shopping. She also joins Tari and I out on the balchony for nightly chatting sessions.

In about a week or so I'm off to Singapore. I have to leave the country because my Visa's out, and Jackie thought Singapore would be a good place to visit. Probably because she wants me to pick up school supplies while I'm there.