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BALI!!! day 1

Written on: Friday July 28th, 2006

A journal entry from: Indonesia Summer 2006

I just had my 2 weeks of vacation, after the end of summer school and before regular school starts. I was supposed to go to Mount Bromo in central Java, but unfortunately, no one was around to take me. Tari went to Jogyakarta to visit her family, and I reallllly wanted to go, especially to see Borobudur, but she said it was best not to come, as it's still recovering from the huge earthquake in May. So I had 4 days in Surabaya by myself, mostly spent at the gym and by the pool drinking delicious Teh Botol, or reading.

I left for Bali by myself; I tried to convince Meli to come with me, but she said she couldn't afford it. I hung out in the Surabaya airport for a while, and an elderly businessman bought me dinner, as we sat around and shared our Marlboros.

I arrived in Bali, sooo excited!! I hadn't been to beach, or met any foreigners since being in Indo (or had a drink!), so I was eager to make some friends, do some partying, try surfing, get a tan, and go to the beach! I got a cab to AP Inn in Kuta.

AP Inn was great! The rooms were big and quite nice, and there was also a pool and a bar. My first night in Kuta I met 2 Canadians, Dustin and Lorris. We ended up going to Fat Yogis, where we sat upstairs and watched movie, smoked hookah and drank Bintang (Indo's beer). After getting good and drunk and smoking more than our fair share of hookah, we went to a huge ridiculous club, full of foreigners (aka, bule)  and I definitely had one too many bombas. After the club, we went swimming at AP. I got to bed around 6am, very happy with my 1st day in Bali.