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Written on: Tuesday July 25th, 2006

A journal entry from: Indonesia Summer 2006

Dian, a teacher I work with at Maple Leaf, took me on a little tour of Madura today. The small island of Madura is just above East Java, and sounds like an interesting place. It's quite a traditional society known for its bull races, and sometimes aggressive residents who carry long knives.

We started off early, taking a number of bemos to the ferry terminal. The ferry ride across to Madura was only about half an hour, and I met a young Indonesian guy who wanted to practice his English with me, and take me to his house for a sleepover. The ferry was pretty dirty and hot, but we made it Madura just fine.

We took a bemo to Dian's friend's house, where we had lunch and they chatted (I wish I spoke Indonesian!!!!) After lunch, we got on motorcycles and took a ride down the coast to a lighthouse. I saw a lot of horses and carts, kids playing on rafts, and a lot of people waving at me. At the lighthouse, Dian and I climbed the million stairs to the top and had a fantastic view of Madura, the coast, and could even see parts of Java. After the lighthouse, we rode around on the motorcycles for a while, taking in sights, etc. Eventually we took the ferry back across to Java. Dian took me on the big huge buses, which I later learned crash often and people also get robbed frequently on them. But it all worked out for me!