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Written on: Tuesday July 18th, 2006

A journal entry from: Indonesia Summer 2006

I just had a great weekend in Solo, in central Java, with Tari. Tari's friend got married in Solo, and I got to go with her to the wedding, and stay with her sister. I really enjoyed Solo. It was sooo nice to get out of the big city, actually see the countryside and see some trees.

We left Surabaya early in the morning to take the train to Solo. We waited around at the train station for a while, smoking, drinking instant coffee, and spotting foreigners. The 4 hr train ride to Solo was quite luxurious... air conditioned, good food and good company. We passed a lot of rice fields, small villages, and other interesting sites.

The first night in Solo was the wedding. My first experience at a traditional Indonesian wedding was quite good. Tari told me that people go to weddings to eat, basically. And there was A LOT of good food. I met Tari's friends, ate, then we headed back to her sister's house.

The next day Tari's brother in law took us around Solo. We went to a 14th century Hindi fertility temple on the mountainside, which was really beautiful. We even saw an Aussie there (and Tari, as usual, told me to go to my family - everytime we see a foreigner she tells me to run to my sisters and brothers). After the temple, we went to a huge waterfall. It was a short hike to the falls, and it was pretty busy there. There were lots of stinky monkeys too. One of them stole Tari's juice out of her hand, chugged it, and threw the bottle away. It was pretty funny.

In the evening we took the train back to Surabaya so we could be at work nice and early the next morning.