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Written on: Monday July 28th, 2008

A journal entry from: Egypt

I thought that "Middle Eastern Hospitality" was an expression used for middle eastern people with how they treat each other.  I was completely wrong.  The people here in Egypt are so much more generous than I could have ever imagined!  Every meal they bring out enough food to feed an entire family for each person.  They are kind, and protective, and the men are amazingly chivalrous.   I am absolutely blown away by how sweet people that don't know you and do not even speak your language can be.

 We went out for a walk last night through the town of Ismalia, the place where I will be spending most of my stay.  It was the end of a very long day, and half of us took a taxi to a cafe, and the other half decided to walk back to the hostel.  While we were walking back to the Hostel, Muhammed, one of the Egyptians, invited us to join in with a wedding that was taking place in town.  I assumed that because he was inviting us to the wedding, that that meant that he knew the people who were getting married. 

 In the muslim religion, it is not required for someone to get married in a mosque.  Generally weddings take place anywhere in public,such as a park, a restaurant, or someone's house.  This wedding was in a local park.  We stood outside the gate until they asked us to come and join them.  Not only did they invite us to join them, but since we were not from Ismalia, we were thier "honored guests, and they pulled us right into the middle of the dancing in order to dance with the bride and the groom.  I have never seen people be so happy at having a bunch of strangers crash thier wedding!  It was an amazing experience.  The bride was so beautiful!  The wedding actually did not look very different from a wedding in the states. 


From denise on Jul 28th, 2008

Wow! Sounds like things are going better than planned.

From Lady on Jul 28th, 2008

I hope you had your camera!! If not start writing all the details about the wedding you can remember in your journal so we can have every detail when you get back. (PLEASE) The really wonderful surprises that you just can't plan are the best.